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Please check and confirm accuracy (style, side and color) of your order at the time of placement. Stripes are produced at the time of order and thus considered special orders. If you are unsure about what to order, please contact me ahead of time to verify your needs.

Orders must be confirmed for damage, completeness and correctness within 48 hours of receipt or YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.


Items in stock may ship sooner, usually 3-5 days.


Check out my 93 4Runner Project build.

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Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (Enlarged Thickened Heart)

    In December of 2002 I started to experience back pain between my shoulder blades. I thought I had a pinched nerve that affected my lunges. I had trouble breathing and the pain level was high especially when I would twist or turn. I took muscle relaxers and went to the chiropractor and after about a week or so it started to go away. I had another similar pain in January of 2003 which lasted about the same. In the beginning of February 2003 I suffered from it again, but the pain and the shortness of breath wouldn't go away. So to my Primary Care doctor I went. Explained to him what happened and my symptoms and he immediately did an EKG saying he didn't think I had hurt my back. The test revealed I was having a heart episode. Away to the Emergency he sent me where I learned I had suffered from at least 2 heart attacks. My blood pressure upon admission to the hospital was 245 over 195, with a pulse of 195. This put me in the hospital for a week. After all the test they performed they determined that I had and Enlarged Thickened heart. Is is a condition that is called idiopathic, meaning they don't know what causes it. It can be caused from hi blood pressure, from excessive exercise, diet or drinking, or from no cause at all. Some people just develop excessive heart muscle for no apparent reason.

    After several medications they finally found ones that would lower my blood pressure and most importantly my pulse. The thought that if they could relax my heart, maybe the muscle tissue would atrophy or shrink. Several years went by with medication controlling my BP. However I was always cautioned not to exert myself because of my condition. Plus I never felt good and always had trouble breathing. About a year ago I started having trouble controlling my BP and my chest pains, pressure and breathing issues increased.

    In the middle of January 2011


 James Dean Creations in Full Throttle.


      Thanks Ron Battelene for everything!

I Remember When:

  •  Gas was $.32 a gallon, a Corvette was $2,300 and a house was $15,000.

  •  You could tell a women she looked nice, without being served with a TRO.

  •  When pursuing someone you cared about wasn't called stocking.

  •  You held doors open for everyone, because it was the polite thing to do.

  •  You could fire someone because they didn't do they're job or didn't show up.

  •  Getting pregnant was your biggest concern from having sex.

  •  If you had a problem with your neighbor, you went and talked to THEM about it.

  •  If your kid fell off the monkey bars at the park, it wasn't the cities fault.

  •  If you spilled hot coffee in your own lap, you were just an idiot (not rich).

  •  If you got in trouble at school, it wasn't half as bad as when you got home.

  •  You could discipline (not beat) your kids and NOT have the COPS called.

  •  The back of a hand is the first thing you saw after disrespecting your parents.

  •  A hard working man or women could support there own family.

  •  People were embarrassed to take handouts.

  •  People felt good about themselves for putting in a hard day of work.

  •  You could afford to put yourself thru college.

  •  You could get a Masters Degree in 4 years.

  •  A full time job was at least 40 hours a week not counting breaks and lunch.

  •  Parents taught there kids how to budget there money and time.

  •  An alien was from outer space.


Customer Feedback

Dear James,
    Thank you very much for a great product, I recently applied my new Toyota
tailgate logo to my truck and it turned out awesome! Very clear instructions
and a great product, just as described.  Keep up the good work!
Thanks, Joe

    I got the orange decals in the mail the other day, and put them on my truck.... they are GREAT!!! Thanks again for the excellent service!!!     Deb

  "The Pad And T-shirt Are Great!!! I've left you good feedback. Hope you have a nice weekend and look forward to doing business with you again"
Rob - United Kingdom

    "I won the one night stay at the Desert Dove bed & breakfast at your crawfish poker run back in May, and wanted to say thanks.  My wife and I stayed there on Monday for her birthday and we had a great time. Sure was nice to get away for the night, and it didn't hurt scoring all those brownie points with her."
thanks again, Derek Mosher - Crawfish Boil/Poker Run Winner

    "Thanks again, James.  Great service.  I will certainly recommend you!"

     "Thank you very much for the prompt service. I do allot of Toyota's and plan on using you in the future, thanks for the tailgate pieces too."  Many thanks, Brian - Pacific Coast Pinstriping

    "I just received the stripes for the 4Runner. You have saved me and my truck from looking like cheap *#*@. Thanks for being really cool throughout the whole thing. I will definitely pass on the word about your website."
Thanks again.   Gabriel G. Gracia

Can you tell which side is the factory stripes and which side is your stripes are on? Absolutely amazing. The owner of the repair shop and the person putting on your stripes have never seen anything so close to the factory stripes! So impressed by your work, they asked me where I got them and I told them your web address. Expect some business from them. I will tell you the name of the repair shop on request.  Thanks again. David

    "Thanks again for a great job. The bike really looks great. You did a superb job."
 Jeff P- Reproductions Inc.

"Hey James. I got the spoiler yesterday and it looks great (hell of a packaging job too I must say).  Awesome that you had all the hardware also.  I'm gonna mount it this evening or this weekend. Thanks again, I really appreciate all that you did."

Hey James, thank you again for the bedside stripe you sent us.  It worked great!!!  The customer loved it.  Joel/Pro Trim

Thank you for your kindness in your fallen rider section.  I am Gregory's father and I stumbled across your site while having a bad day, missing Greg, and looking for anything I could find on the web about Greg.  Thank you also for helping my granddaughter Trinny and my daughter in law.  I donít know how well you knew Greg over the year he moved back to Az, but I had to write and thank you.  You have made my family and myself have a little smile in this horrible time in our lives..............................Michael L. Brown

Just a note to say thank you for a quality product that is every bit of what it was touted to be! The '90 Toy SR5 blue tailgate stripe I got from you is perfect and looks just like OEM. I am no novice at putting on stripes, decals and custom painting as I have done restos for a number of years now...mostly Mopar muscle, and this was a breeze when a good quality 3M vinyl is used. I have applied some junk over the years so I don't need to tell you the pain in the ass I had with those "second rate" products. Dude, yours are in the top percentile for sure!  I am looking forward to the same when I get the side stripes too here very soon.  Expect to hear from me again.
 Regards,  Forrest D. "Bud" Weaver

James......... We received some stripes from you today for a 95 4Runner and I wanted to thank you for sending them and that they look really good.  We will not hesitate to call you in the future and or recommend you to other shops.
Thanks, Jeff Dow ........Auto Body of Vienna.

    We received and installed the striping package we purchased from your company. What a great package. Just what we were looking for. Thank you very much for a good item.
Nice to know you can find these parts when the dealership no longer carries them.
Thank you once again   Dan Feather

    Hey James, I wanted to thank you for the high quality Toyota stripes you have sent us the last three orders.  Brian and I are very impressed with the color and design match directly to the existing graphics, and the customers can't even tell the difference.  You have done well.  Thanks,  Joel Appler @ Pro Trim





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